pest-control-tampa-roaches-20151001Cockroaches have been around for a long, long time.  Many of the fossils that have been found date back to around 350 million years ago.  Of course, the cockroach has evolved since then, but there is evidence that cockroaches aren’t all that much different than they were then.


These pests are often associated with garbage, food that has been left out, and can often be found in the kitchen.  Moist, damp, dark areas tend to attract them, and they can eat just about anything.  Another interesting cockroach fact is that they can survive on literally anything including the glue on stamps and envelopes, the residue on your toothbrush, and medicine!


They even tend to feed on old, rotting substances. These substances usually contain bacteria and even viruses and are then carried into your home. One interesting fact pertaining to the way that cockroaches spread disease is that they taste the foods and substances that they eat with their feet.  Because the roach literally has to walk over the rotting substances to eat or even taste the foods, it’s easy to see how bacteria may be transferred into your home.


Not only can people get sick from the diseases that they contaminate human living space with, many humans are allergic to cockroach feces.


If you see one in your home or business, there are likely many more. They tend to travel in groups, and they actually leave tracks or pheromones so that other cockroaches can find them.  Allowing other ones to find them helps the  lifecycle continue, as there are always plenty of breeding opportunities.


Many people believe that cockroach problems will take care of themselves, or if you haven’t seen all that many cockroaches there is no need to worry.  The fact is, because you often don’t see the cockroaches that live in your home, you always have to worry if you see even one or two roaches.  Cockroach disease can spread fast, and when you consider that cockroaches often hang out in the kitchen and places where food preparation takes place, you’ll want to nip the problem in the bud!


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