Most homeowners consider moles to be pests and with good reason. They leave unsightly molehills behind as they dig and their network of tunnels creates havoc on a garden because, as they tunnel, they kill the roots and bulbs of plants.


Getting rid of moles in your yard is also fairly difficult, because the moles may be in a completely different section of your yard by the time you find their tunnels. Moles prefer to feed on underground food sources, and their tunnel systems can make short work of a flat lawn. Additionally, their tunnels can channel rainwater and sprinkler water into pools and wet patches, reducing the efficiency of your sprinkler patterns. Even worse, wet lawns attract more moles, because they create even more earthworms and grubs beneath the lawn’s surface.


Aside from little mounds of dirt on your lawn, you may also be seeing dead patches in grass and around your foliage, because moles may be clearing away plant roots in the process of building tunnels.


NaturZone can quickly and effectively rid your lawn of moles.


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