Nuisance Wildlife Pest Control

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Nuisance wildlife management is the term given to the process of selective removal of problem individuals or populations of certain species of wildlife that pose health risks to humans. Some species of wildlife may become habituated to mans presence, causing property damage or risking transfer of disease to humans or pets (zoonosis).


The primary objective of any NaturZone wildlife control program is to reduce damage and health risk to humans in a practical, humane and environmentally acceptable manner. NaturZone control methods are based on the habits and biology of the animals causing damage, in order that their efforts will be more effective and will serve to maximize safety to the environment, humans and other animals.


A key to controlling wildlife damage is prompt and accurate determination of which animal is causing the damage. After we properly identify the wildlife pest, we choose control methods appropriate to the animal species involved.


Four steps lead to a successful nuisance wildlife control program:

  • Correctly identify the species causing the problem.
  • Alter the habitat, if possible, to make the area less attractive to the wildlife pest.
  • Use a control method appropriate to the location, time of year, and other environmental conditions.
  • Monitor the site for re-infestation in order to determine if additional control is necessary.


NaturZone nuisance wildlife services are aimed to humanely reduce the health risk associated with wildlife in urban areas, using our green pest control technologies.


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