Scared of the Zika Virus? Mosquito Control Prevention Tips


Mosquito Control if You Are Concerned About Disease Risk From Mosquitoes!

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control


Associated Press: “Mosquito virus called chikungunya sickens at least 11 in Florida”
Tallahassee Democrat: “Florida leads nation in Zika as CDC confronts threat”
Outbreak News Today: “Travel-associated Zika, chikungunya and dengue fever reported in Florida”
Infection Control Today: “In Pinellas County, 18 people contracted West Nile virus”



Mosquito Control Steps You Can Take to Prevent Bites

Nothing can be done to 100% guarantee no mosquito bites. Here are steps you can take to
reduce risk:
✔ Work with local government mosquito management agency on treatment of area
✔ Inspect property and remove standing water (Mosquitoes can breed in a tablespoon of water)
✔ Advise people to use repellents such as DEET
✔ Wear long sleeve pants and shirt
✔ Make sure windows are secured and there are no tears in screens
✔ Implement a mosquito abatement program


NaturZone Mosquito Abatement Program

March-November NaturZone will perform the following services:
✔ Exterior inspection of mosquito breeding sites, proofing and vegetation management
✔ Advice on reduction of mosquito breeding sites
✔ Treatment of breeding and resting sites to reduce mosquito populations before they bite
✔ Treatment of standing water with mosquito larvicide to prevent breeding
✔ Documented due diligence against mosquitoes to protect employees and customers


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Scared of the Zika Virus? Mosquito Bites Prevention Tips

Scared of the Zika Virus? Mosquito Control Bite  Prevention Tips












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