sarasota-pest-control-silverfish.jpgSilverfish are nocturnal insects commonly found hiding in cracks and crevices of homes and commercial structures. They tend to roam long distances in search of food, but once they find a satisfactory food source, they remain close to it. Silverfish can survive for weeks without food or water. They prefer temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 70% -100%.

How are silverfish harmful?

Silverfish eat dried beef, the dead or injured of their own kind and paper—particularly glazed paper, wallpaper, and wallpaper paste. They are commonly found in attics of structures that have wood-shingle roofs. Most common damage is to clothing or paper goods.


How do I identify silverfish?

The adult body length of a silverfish is 1/2″ excluding the tail. Its coloration ranges from gray to almost black, with a metallic sheen. All silverfish taper from head to tail. They are covered with silvery scales and have a flat, carrot-shaped body. Three long, slender antennae-like appendages project from the end of the abdomen, giving them the name “bristle tails”


NaturZone can quickly rid your home or business of silverfish, using our green pest control technologies

We are Certified to the Highest Industry Standards.  Less than 400 of the 17,800 plus pest control companies in the USA are awarded the QualityPro designation, which is the pest control industry’s, “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”. NaturZone is the only Florida Company to hold the QualityPro Integrated Pest Management, Schools, Food Safety and Green certifications.

NaturZone has been providing award winning green pest control solutions to homes and businesses since 1988 with stunning success.


When we started in 1988 the pest control industry trend was to make heavy applications of pesticides on a monthly basis to all areas of the structure. Most people thought our concept of green pest control would only be attractive to environmentalists and it was met with a great deal of skepticism within the pest control industry.


What we soon found out was that homeowners and businesses were interested in utilizing less toxic pest control solutions as long as they could get a good result. Initially green pest control technology was a hard sell due to a great deal of doubt about the effectiveness of our programs. However, after successfully providing service to major hospitals, schools and office building clients that would testify to the effectiveness of our concept things began to change. Soon in our hometown of Sarasota we became recognized as a leading commercial pest control company, which just happened to be green.


As the public became more interested in green pest control solutions the company growth began to explode.  Our Sarasota based pest control business has more than doubled between 2005 and 2010 and we continue with annual double digit growth each year. In 2010 we expanded our Sarasota operation to cover Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.


We successfully started to license the concept in the mid-2000’s and now have licensees spreading our green pest control concept around the world; we are now in the USA, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.


Interestingly enough the pest control industry that once laughed at our green pest control concept is now heading where we have been going for almost 30 years. In fact most progressive pest control companies today either already have or will soon launch a green pest control system. The NaturZone difference is that the only program we have had since 1988 is effective green pest control services.


Over the years NaturZone has been nationally recognized as a leader in providing award winning green pest control solutions to homes and businesses. We look forward to bringing our expertise to you.


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