What is Green Pest Control


osmbanner1Green pest control also known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense approach to eliminating unwanted pests while utilizing the latest technologies to minimize the risk associated with pesticides to people and pets. The difference between traditional pest control and green is the technician knowledge and training required. The traditional pest control technician applies pesticides on a regular basis to areas where pests harbor to prevent and kill pests. A NaturZone green technician is trained to inspect before applying any materials, then based on that inspection, pest species found, and environmental risk, develop a treatment plan that will quickly eliminate any pests with a minimal risk to people and pets. In addition to selecting from one of our 60 least toxic pesticides, and in partnership with our clients, we use techniques such as habitat manipulation, pest proofing, heat and bioremediation to achieve results.


An example of our green pest control techniques is our heat remediation program for bed bugs. Traditional pesticide treatments for bed bugs involve a lot of preparation from the client, a series of 3-4 intense pesticide treatments which take a month or more to eliminate the bed bug problem. While the treatments are being done the client has to either vacate the premises or be willing to live in the house while the treatments are taking effect. Whereas with heat remediation we super heat the house to kill all stages of the bed bug in one day, without utilizing any pesticides. (See our bed bug section for more information)